My friend’s favorite photo from his wedding is not one of the professional’s. It came from one of the disposable cameras they had on each of the guest tables during the reception. In it, his dad and his 85-year-old grandma are visibly swinging around on the dance floor. It would be nearly impossible to know who took the photo, but it’s clear that they had an eye on this special moment that the professional photographer missed.

Since his grandma passed away a few years ago, this photo has become even more important to my friend. It shows his grandma at her candid happiest. If not for those disposable cameras, he wouldn’t have the shot. These days, however, people are a bit less likely to pay attention to disposable cameras. Most of them have high-def phone cameras in their pockets or purses already. So, how can you make the most of wedding reception photo ideas for guests, get everyone really involved in the event, and come away with exceptional photo moments?

Plan Ahead with Easy Ideas for Guest Photos Throughout Your Wedding Reception

Putting easy-to-use tools and creative photo ideas within reach for your guests could mean the difference between a few unique snapshots and an overflowing album of all the wedding moments you experienced and the ones you missed. Those people who already have it on their minds to take photos will. Those who have the tendency to forget about their phones back at the table (me), usually end up regretting not taking more photos by the end of the night.

With a bit of forethought, you can remind people to keep capturing the special moments, you can encourage even more creative and engaged photo results, and then you can ensure that you—and everyone else—have access to this treasure trove of memories. Actually, we’ve done a lot of the thinking for you. Consider putting some of these wedding reception photography ideas in place.

<> Photo Sharing Solution. If you take only one of these suggestions, let it be this first one. We’ve already established that your guests’ smartphones are your goldmine for in-the-moment wedding photos, so plan to capitalize on that guaranteed source of fun. Photo sharing apps make it easy. And there’s incentive for your guests, too, because in the process of sharing their own favorite photos, they also have the chance to view others’ favorites that they might have missed.

You will also definitely want to come up with a unique Instagram hashtag for your guests to use when uploading there—and share that hashtag early and often—but you also want a way to collect and use those photos into the future. WedPics is the ultimate app when it comes to convenience and features, but you’ll have to pay to get all of those features—like downloading and saving your guests’ photos or ordering prints to keep forever. WedSocial is another photo sharing option if you’re also thinking of building a wedding website through a site like WeddingWire.

<> Props and Other Fun Photo Reminders. If disposable cameras were the table accessories of decades past, then perhaps the selfie stick is the choice for the present. Having a selfie stick on every table with a note encouraging people to use it may be just the nudge for people to pull out phones for pictures.

Whether you’re planning to have a dedicated photobooth at your reception or not, it’s always a good idea to provide some fun props for people to get excited about. A curtain or banner can even offer a simple backdrop for a DIY wedding photobooth. Set out dry erase or chalk boards so people can write messages to feature in their photos. Hats, wigs, fake mustaches, and glasses are other simple props that will result in unexpected photos in which people are really enjoying themselves. (You can also check out our guide to creating a polaroid wedding guest book.)

<> Charging Stations and Gadgets. Those camera phone goldmines only work if they’re charged. When your guests are snapping photos throughout the wedding reception, it can take up a lot of power. You’ll be forever remembered for your quick charging station with a variety of charger types all plugged in by a side table for people to leave their phones for a bit.

Your guests will also get excited about techy opportunities to chronicle some wedding memories, such as a GoPro camera that people can take turns wearing around on the dance floor or capturing well wishes from some of the other guests. Likewise, wedding photography drones are becoming popular. They can access different angles and perspectives, providing you with very unique, candid videography.

These Simple Ideas Go a Long Way for Your Wedding Reception Photography

All of these suggestions will add to your albums, your wedding videos, and other collections of memories for so many years to come. Plus, these ideas will keep your guests engaged during the party and even after as they are logging in to upload photos and view the whole shared collection.

Here’s your quick checklist of wedding reception photo ideas for guests:

  • A photo sharing app
  • An Instagram hashtag
  • Selfie sticks
  • Fun photo props, including message boards and costume accessories
  • A variety of phone charger types and a power strip to set up
  • A GoPro
  • A video drone

These small efforts can go a really long way toward ensuring you have a way to relive your wedding day over and over in pictures. Photos aren’t everything to your memories, but they are an invaluable piece of the puzzle—and once the day is over, you can’t go back to fill in any photo gaps. So, no regrets! Plan ahead to make picture-taking an engaging activity for all of your guests.

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Image Source: Flickr user Benjamin Linh VU

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