Wedding Overview Day Highlights

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Thankfully, the sun made a guest appearance for our blissful Wedding Overview Day at Hilltop Hacienda this past weekend. We were so overwhelmed with love and happy couples, it’s an event that is too good not to share!

The Hacienda has such a luxury resort vibe, it doesn’t need much dressing up, but fill it with delicious food, flowers and beautiful people, and the party just elevates to a new level.

We welcome all vendors, whether they have been to Kennolyn before, or not, and we do not require that couples book anyone from our Preferred Vendor list. If you are in the market for wedding vendors, however, look no further… here is your insider’s guide to our wonderful tribe!

Elena and Tara from
Estrella Collective
Photo by: DeJoy Photography

Beauty Experts

You don’t have to be into make-overs to want to look special on your wedding day, and you definitely want to feel 100% with your appearance seeing as you’ll be looking at those photos for a very long time!

We have three tried and tested hair and make-up vendors on our list, and they all know how to make you feel special! Meet Estrella Collective, not only will they have you photo-ready in no time, they also offer energy work, so you can start your big day feeling grounded and balanced.


It wouldn’t be a party without cake and ice-cream, right? And our local vendors in Santa Cruz certainly brought out the sweets for our special tasting event. They even have delicious offerings for the vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free guests on your list.

The only problem was choosing between dainty cupcakes, lavender ice-cream, or freshly baked pie. The only solution, of course, is to have them all!

Staging by: Viewpoint Events
Photo by: De Joy Photography


As you’ll know from previous blog posts, we are pretty obsessed with flowers. Truth be told, after seeing the displays from our professional florists, we basically wanted one of everything they had to offer. We know that florists are super busy during wedding season, and they often have more than one wedding to cater for in the same day. This is where Liz Chamberlin from The Flower Garden really stands out. She goes above and beyond in both attention to detail, and level of service. Liz only books one wedding a day so that she can stay as long as she is needed to make sure your floral décor is perfect, and that your entire bridal party is ready for their big part!

Staging by: Viewpoint Events
Photo by: De Joy Photography


What a wonderful job these officiants have, it takes a very special person to hold space for a couple as they walk through the ceremony that will join them together for life.

Quite often these days, a friend or family member takes up the challenge of acting as officiant. These are some of the most heart-wrenching and emotional ceremonies; full of love and laughter, inside jokes, and age-old classic stories. There is nothing like seeing a loved one pay homage to a special couple. However, there are always two sides to every decision, and when you are considering asking a friend to step into this role, understand that you will be taking them away from being completely present and part of the party – at least for a short time. Pre-wedding jitters don’t just happen to the bride and groom! Also, we can’t tell you how often a newbie officiant has forgotten to have the newly wed couple sign their marriage papers!

So, whether you keep it in the family or hire a professional, let’s thank the people who bring the sacred into the union, the one who will be right by your side as you say your vows (as well as your partner!), a big thank you to all Wedding Officiants everywhere!

Signage: Kennolyn’s own
Photo by: De Joy Photography


There are as many styles of photography as there are photographers, and it’s not one size fits all! Did you know that many of our couples book their photographer as soon as they have secured the venue and date? Whether you picture a ‘fly on the wall’-type casual approach, or a formal family photo session, you can’t go wrong with one of our rock star vendors. A huge thank you to Amber Amelingmeier at DeJoy Photography for the beautiful captures in this blog.

Specialty Rentals

Although we pride ourselves on offering a full wedding package here at Kennolyn, there are some things that are best left to the specialists. Maybe you fancy rustic farmhouse tables or envision strings of bistro lights? There are rental options for all kinds of wedding details, and you’ll find that our vendors have it all. How perfect is this modern sweetheart table with props from Viewpoint Events?


Whether your guests need shuttling from a local hotel, or picking up from the airport, we have you covered. The Santa Cruz Experience practically have a branch at Kennolyn during the summer, they are regularly seen shuttling our guests up and down the rural mountain road, or between the Hilltop Hacienda and Stone Creek Village. But, did you know that they also offer mini-excursions? Whether you are planning a wine tasting tour or a surf & shopping trip, why not book a shuttle so that your party can fully relax?


Included in our wedding package for couples who booked after February 2019, Sound in Motion are our preferred DJ and Master of Ceremony (MC) vendor. For a smooth and seamless wedding day, we cannot stress the importance of a good MC. Of course, we welcome musicians, bands, and friends who would like to MC, too! But, in terms of dedication and professionalism, we find that Sound in Motion are true experts.

If you would like any more information about Kennolyn or our preferred vendors, feel free to reach out! We are located in the Santa Cruz Mountains with a view of the Monterey Bay. We offer tours of our beautiful property seven days a week. For more information, please email.

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