A well-executed wedding or event is all about the little details. From personalizing guest place cards to decorating the venue with lights and flowers, these details are what brings the event together and gives the space a professional look.

Towering redwoods frame our beautiful couple
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At Kennolyn, the first thing people notice about our venue are its towering redwood trees. For many couples, they want the natural beauty of our venue to shine, and so will choose floral décor that complements our lush greenery, rather than tries to compete with it.

Our favorite way of doing this is by using runners made from greenery and flowers. Whether you wind the runner around an arbor, line the aisle with it, or use them as table centerpieces, their simplicity and elegance is undeniably modern. They also give you a sense that, as far as the majestic trees rise up, they are reflected in long leafy runners extending like branches through your venue.

Floral table runners

One detail that has been popular in weddings and events alike, is filling the table with flowers. Floral table runners are a modern take on the traditional flower centerpieces. Rather than limiting the nature to a vase, the greenery and flowers are free to wind through the table. They transform the space, making it feel full, fresh and alive.

Simple eucalyptus branches as a table runner

There are a few ways to recreate this look, depending on the theme and feel of your event. Some options feature a simple array of blooms while other tables are laden with a garden of blooms. Regardless of which look you choose, there are some tips you should keep in mind.

Tip 1 – start with the base

When designing a table runner, the best way to start is with the base. The base of greenery you choose plays a huge part in the overall look of the table. For instance, picking a lush greenery like fern leaves or myrtle will create a more full and natural look. On the other hand, using eucalyptus or dusty miller as your base will produce a more delicate effect.

Classic and simple floral table runner

Tip 2 – bear in mind your color scheme

When designing a floral table runner for your wedding it’s important that you don’t get carried away when choosing flowers. This decor element is meant to tie your theme together, so just choose two or three flowers from your wedding bouquet and feature them in your table runner. Choosing too many different types of flowers can be overwhelming. Simple is best when it comes to these runners because the greenery already takes up a lot of space and attention.

Lush and vibrant floral table runner

Tip 3 – Don’t overpower the table

Table runners are meant to add a natural touch to the table, not look like an overgrown garden. It’s important to remember that your guests will be eating at these tables. You don’t want their plate to be covered in petals while they are trying to enjoy their food. Ensure the floral table runner is positioned in the center of the table and your guests have plenty of room.

rustic and wild floral table runner

Tip 4 – Consider the scent

Flowers will naturally scent the space that you can use to your advantage. Choose sweetly scented blooms or the natural aroma of eucalyptus to set a romantic scene. On the other hand, having too many might conflict with the meal. Be sure that if you are using flowers that have strong scents, they complement each other and the food.

Tip 5 – Add in surprise elements

Make your table runner unique by adding in surprise elements. This could be bright fruit intertwined into the vines, unique succulents to add texture or sparkling crystals that shine throughout the display. This element can be small but it’s sure to make a big difference.

Elegant and glam floral table runner

Offering two unique and breathtaking venues in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Kennolyn is a leader in the world of weddings, corporate retreats, and special events. If you are interested in finding out more about Kennolyn for your special event, or to book a tour, feel free to contact us

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