When I think of some of the most romantic weddings that I’ve attended, the two images that immediately come to mind are watching the couple wed under ethereal hanging flowers and then dancing the night away beneath a sky of twinkle lights. When I think about what makes these two images particularly special, I realize that it is the hanging decorations. When it comes to wedding decor ideas, hanging features are not only a good use of space, they are also visually appealing. Things like twinkle lights, flowers and plants of all varieties, and picture frames strung near the guest tables or dessert tables all conjure a sense of whimsy and enchantment.

Whatever type of wedding you choose to have, these types of hanging decorations can not only add visual appeal but also can help establish a practical flow to your venue space. Here are a few of our favorite ways to maximize your space and give your event a creative, memorable, and unique flare that wows your guests.

Let There Be Lights

Whether your venue is indoors or outdoors, hanging lights are a wonderful way to add whimsy and magic to your space. Just as flicking on a warm light in your home at the end of an evening can make you feel good, so too can lights on your wedding night. You can go all sorts of crazy with hanging lights and chances are, they’ll look good no matter what, and your guests will appreciate eating and dancing the night away surrounded by them.

Try hanging illuminated mason jars for a timeless feel. You can place simple LED lights inside them or use tea lights set atop stones or sand. You can hang them from trees with a bit of twine or from the wooden rafters of an indoor venue to add warmth and wonder.

Other lighting options include classic circular bulb lights strung between trees or tables—this is an easy and beautiful option that visually draw the guest’s eyes upward as well as add a bit of coziness to your venue. Long, dangling strings of mini lights falling from trees or rafters in single lines also add a level of cascading visual appeal and work to elongate a space.

Add Life with Hanging Plants and Flowers

Adding a touch of the natural world to your decor through plants and flowers is an incredible (and easy) way to make any venue look—and smell—extraordinary. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can add touches of hanging botanical beauty in whatever way suits you. Whether it’s a rainbow of roses in every color or the decision to do all things green and rustic, here are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

<>  Macramé centerpieces using terra cotta pots and flowers can create a rustic or boho-chic feel. You can use neutral colored knotting cord or string and go with bright flowers—or, you can use wild colored string and go with more subtle colored flowers. Succulents and plants of all sorts will work, too.

<>  Dangling clear flower vases or vases made from light bulbs are also a neat way to go. This is especially great when you’re tight for space on your table settings and looking to get those touches of floral fantasy up and away from your eating area.

<>  Repurposed pallets interspersed with succulents can also be hung from the wall for a spin on classic wedding potted plants. The bonus: succulent wall gardens like this can even be done on wooden letters, perhaps in the initials of the bride and groom. Or, spell out something fun, like “love” or the date of the event.

Picture-Frame Memories

Picture frames are one of the most memorable ways to add unique dimension to your wedding decor. Hanging frames either filled with pictures of the bride and groom or of family and friends, too, is an interactive addition to a wedding that draws the eye up the wall. I remember how, at a friend’s recent wedding, guests loved seeing photos of him and his soon-to-be-wife from the time they were babies up until their wedding day.

If you don’t want the structure of classic wooden frames, try utilizing polaroids, string, and clothes pins for a hip feel that can hang on anything from chandeliers to trees.

If completely foregoing any sort of photos is more your style, you can also utilize empty picture frames hung loosely on the walls or between trees to act as a photo op for your guests. If you want to really get silly, include props to encourage them to create their perfect shot.

All About the Flow

At all wedding venues, the flow and feel of both the visual and physical spaces are important. It gives guests the ability to move around the space and interact with both each other and the venue itself. Utilizing hanging decor will help to draw the eye up and allow guests to feel more free to roam, mingle, and be relaxed.

It also keeps the clutter from accumulating on tables, which can make things look busy and cause your guests to feel slightly overwhelmed. Clearing the space can help make conversation flow more easily around the table, and can also help indicate where different aspects of the celebration are taking place. For example, a canopy of twinkle lights will definitely help draw people to the dance floor.

The Role of the Venue and Wedding Coordinator

The venue itself plays a big part in how you will decide to decorate. If your venue is outdoors on a sandy beach, you’ll have to get a bit more creative with how to use hanging decorations (twinkle lights strung from tiki torch to tiki torch, for example). If you are in a ballroom, you will have to get similarly creative.

When working through the design details of your wedding, it’s super helpful (and a big stress-reliever) to collaborate with a wedding coordinator who has experience. Having a second pair of artistic eyes and someone who understands how to best utilize decorations and space will make your pre-planning run smoothly and most importantly, will make it all feel fun and invigorating.

When it comes to weddings, the passionate team at Kennolyn has been creating weddings since 1995. Set in the whimsical and wonder-filled forests of the Santa Cruz mountains, there are all sorts of trees to hang your twinkle lights and flower vases, and plenty of space for those picture frames. We offer fresh, innovative cuisine to fill your tabletops and are committed to bringing your own unique vision for your special day to life. Both of our exclusive venues, the Hilltop Hacienda Estate and the Stone Creek Village, are ready and waiting to make the magic of your wedding day dream become a blissful reality. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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