For your next meeting or retreat, or even a company party, why not change up your usual destination? The new scenery and atmosphere might make way for a more memorable and effective event. In the San Francisco Bay Area, unique corporate event venues abound. So, what should you look for to find the perfect new space without any new stress?

Matching Your Goals with a Unique Corporate Event Venue in the Bay Area

Depending on the type of event you’re planning and the goals you have in mind for success, you can keep an eye out for certain venue features. And while your goal may not be singular, you can add up different kinds of expectations for your upcoming venue. You’d be surprised how certain venues really do have it all.

Goal: Productivity
    <> Quiet privacy
    <> No interruptions
    <> Connectivity
    <> Reliable support
Goal: Networking
    <> Large meeting space
    <> Breakout meeting spaces
    <> Connectivity
    <> Comfortable, gourmet hospitality
Goal: Team-Building
    <> Wide, open space
    <> All-inclusive and insulated
    <> Opportunities for bonding and team challenges
Goal: Culture and Foundational Planning
    <> Quiet privacy
    <> Large and small meeting spaces
    <> Opportunities for focused, uninterrupted sessions and creative activities too

Privacy and Exclusivity

Don’t look past this consideration—especially if you’re hoping to make some real progress at your upcoming event. Many corporate event locations will put your group in a big conference room, but you soon find out that there are other events happening next door to yours, and maybe there are interruptions whenever people are in the hallway or maybe the walls aren’t as soundproof as expected. Look for a space that can guarantee you exclusive use of the space and reliable quiet and privacy.

Wide Open and Variable Spaces

Whether you’re planning to invite a large group or you want lots lot of space for every individual of a smaller group to move and interact, look for a venue that can offer broad spaces. Ideally, you’ll want to look for at least one large, open room that you’ll be able to convert for different purposes, as well as some smaller spaces for breakout sessions and other focused activities.

Connectivity and Tech Support

Regardless of your event goals, you’ll likely need a reliable network connection and other tools for productivity and seamless technological integration. Look for a venue that can ensure the connectivity you need and adequate support for setup and troubleshooting.

Venue Staff Involvement and Reliability

Some Bay Area corporate event venues are simply open space for you to fill. Other venues are more invested in and supportive of your experience. When you have the staff’s attention and support, your event is likely to flow much more smoothly. And you might even be able to take a step back from logistical planning and oversight when you have a coordinator in your corner—you can focus fully on your leadership responsibilities. Look for a venue that can demonstrate clear communication from the start and that offers generous support services from the planning stages until the close of your event.

Insulation and Inclusivity

Whereas some corporate events benefit from participants getting out and spending independent free time between sessions—exploring San Francisco, for example—other events benefit from having everyone in one place. Perhaps your goal is to make the most of your time for bonding, team-building, establishing critical company goals, or even molding company culture. In these cases, it helps to have everyone together for a more intensive agenda. Look for a venue removed from the mainstream flow like a retreat venue with comfortable lodging right on-site. It helps if the venue is all-inclusive: you don’t even need to think about venturing off-site until the event is done.

Gourmet Meals Included

If your group will be composed of all internal team members or external guests whom you’d like to impress—either way, you should be able to look forward to the best meals. Look for fresh, innovative, and adaptable menus. Also opt for a venue willing to accommodate dietary needs and design a menu perfect for your event.

On-Site Activities

Especially for culture and team-building, having unique activities right on-site can make your event more memorable and add to its success. With opportunities like ropes course or even field games and campfires, your team can bond, exercise team skills, and just get to know each other better in a unique environment.

How to Find the Right Fit When You’re Looking for Something Different

Once you’ve considered your primary event goals and narrowed down the Bay Area venues that have the features you need, the only way to know for sure is to visit the top contenders. While it takes some time to fit in tours, this firsthand look will be the most efficient way to identify the right location. If you’re looking for something truly unique, it’s worth trying out some unexpected possibilities.

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