Fallen redwood trunks are arranged in side-by-side rows with a wide pathway between them. In this natural amphitheater in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the grove’s natural decor speaks for itself, but at the inner edge of every other row, understated wildflower bouquets are secured to wooden posts, greenery trailing into the center pathway. The guests are hushed as they breathe with the trees. Emily enters the grove with her parents on either side of her, arms linked like redwood roots. Ben waits on the other side of the grove with the wedding party that stands mirroring the trees’ order and asymmetry. Her parents slowly unwind from her grasp.

Smiling warmly, Ben hands Emily a long redwood branch. Each with a branch in hand, they draw a circle on the ground, meeting their lines at a point. Then they stepped into the circle together and joined hands in the soft light filtering through the grove canopy and look to their wedding officiant to begin the ceremony.

What Makes Redwood Wedding Venues Special?

Our couple chose to hold their wedding ceremony at a Santa Cruz Mountain venue within the shelter of a redwood grove. They rely on its inherent beauty and structure, as if it were a naturally grown forest cathedral. The environment further inspires and echoes their intention to grow roots and build a life together, encircled by the support of their family and friends.

These coastal redwood wedding venues around Santa Cruz instantly transport you and your guests to a unique and magical setting. From this place, your wedding will definitely stand out in your memories and in your photos, and it will stand out from other weddings. The redwoods themselves are incredibly special: They live long and tall lives, and they rely on each other for stability, linking root structures underground. Like so many other creatures, we’re lucky to find a place of retreat and inspiration among their trunks and under their canopies. Read on for ideas about how you can personalize your wedding day further in this California woodland destination.

How Can Santa Cruz Redwood Venues Enhance Your Wedding Theme?

As you dig deeper into your wedding planning and narrow down your Pinterest boards and other lists, you can lean on your venue as a site that already brings with it character and energy—especially if we’re talking about an enchanted redwood wedding venue. Here are some ideas and other considerations to help you infuse your wedding with meaning and to make the most of an already wonderful setting.

Let your venue speak for itself. Its natural details will go a long way toward helping you and your guests feel as if you’ve journeyed into a unique little world. These redwood wedding venues can be versatile; perhaps you’re going for the rustic and relaxed or the delicate fairytale wedding. Either way, small decorative touches are all you’ll need to help bring out the inherent decoration of your venue space.

Plant a tree as a symbolic way to connect with each other, with the earth, and with time itself. Some couples will integrate the planting of a tree in a pot right into their wedding ceremony. Others will incorporate it as a part of the reception, maybe instead of a cake cutting ceremony. You could also plant a tree in the ground somewhere, separate from your wedding day. Emily and Ben did so a few months before their wedding. They chose a spot on Emily’s parents’ property where they could plant a small redwood tree to mark the birth of their commitment. The photographer was there for the planting, so their Save the Date featured the two of them elbow-deep in dirt, leaning in toward the tree between them. Every year since, on their wedding anniversary, the return to the tree to take a photo, building a visual history of the tree that grows alongside their partnership.

Vow to follow the trees’ examples of evergreen resilience, lifelong growth, and shared strength. Emily and Ben wove forest symbolism into their vows.

Just like these tree that stand witness, I will trust in your strength when I can’t count on my own, and I will be a pillar of support when you feel yours straining.

With you, I can commit to truth and faith even in the difficult times. And I will consider our partnership a never-ending opportunity for growth, side by side.

Your vows can be as unique as you are, and you can draw inspiration from any source that moves you. The Santa Cruz redwoods are generous with their strength and their wisdom, which you’ll need not just for your wedding day but for the many years of your partnership that follow.

Design forest-themed wedding favors to further branch off of the woodland setting and symbolism. From birdseed to signature trail mix, there are options for easy DIY favors that can help your guests feel even more connected to redwood wedding venues. And this is another detail that will set your day apart from so many others that call on more ordinary wedding favors.

When you choose one of Santa Cruz’s redwood groves for your wedding, nature becomes not only your venue, but also your guest and witness at the same time. So, why not invite it in? As one of our Kennolyn couples remembers, Mother Nature was one of their ceremony officiants.

Santa Cruz coastal redwood groves stand as ancient and mystical ecosystems. Spaces this sacred welcome rituals of love and interconnection. If you choose one of many special redwood wedding venues, you’ll be adding your love and memories to the centuries of love and memories that already exist there. And your event will radiate with all of that beautiful energy that has come before.

If you are seeking the perfect redwood wedding venue in the Santa Cruz area, get in touch with us at Kennolyn. We can offer you extensive options for personalization and direct support from our coordinators—from early planning to the last dance on your big day. Our private 300 acres host two different wedding ceremony venues in the redwoods, as well as other unique ceremony and reception venues.


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