When Marisa told me that she was having her sister design and create her dress from scratch, I was enchanted—even more so when I saw an illustration of the design and, finally, the finished gown. Marisa chose shoes and jewelry that were nearly as unique. She said she hadn’t been sure that it would all come together as she hoped, but it did.

Before the ceremony, I stopped in the bridal changing room to see how they were doing and let them know we were getting ready to start. From a stool in front of the mirror, with her bridesmaids surrounding her, Marisa looked up at me with her brow wrinkled. She explained that she’d slipped and almost wiped out on the terrace tiles. Her shoes were too slippery, and she was nervous it would happen again, or that she’d look ridiculous trying to compensate as she walked. I told her not to worry, rushed out to a supply closet, and then came back with a sheet of sandpaper. With it, I scuffed up the surfaces of her brand new (way-too-smooth) soles. Problem solved.

That was the day that I started building a list of solutions for anything that might fall out of place, and not once have I regretted it. It’s so easy to forget ordinary parts of your routine (like deodorant) on out-of-the-ordinary days like this one. You can’t predict that you’ll lose an earring back or spill the smallest drop of red wine on your dress, but you can be prepared for it by putting together a bridal toolkit in advance, one that’s fully stocked with extra earring backs and last-minute stain solutions like cornstarch and baby powder.

Creating Your Bridal Emergency Kit

While it’s important for you to offer input about what goes into this emergency kit, I wouldn’t want the project to actually add any weight on your shoulders. The task of collecting the items on this list to build out your emergency kit would be a great one to delegate to your bridesmaids or maid of honor. (They’re there to support you, after all!) Give them this list, and ask them to collect all the items in a basket—or better yet, in a toolbox or makeup case that allows you to organize it for easier access.

You’ll notice that this printable list is separated into categories, and that I’ve left blank spaces in each. In the time leading up to the wedding, keep an eye out for any issues specific to your own celebration that the list might not cover, and be sure to add those solutions to the kit.

 Download this checklist as a PDF


It’s a long list, I know. But the effort that goes into building your survival kit will be well worth it, because it will help you keep little issues from becoming big emergencies. Since your day is going to go great and you’re not going to need the vast majority of things in this kit, sooner or later, you can pass it on to another bride—maybe one of your bridesmaids will be needing it soon. After all, hardly anyone is immune to stress around her wedding day.

Brides spend time worrying about issues even if they never happen. Instead of giving your worry to all of the things that could go wrong, channel that energy into making these solutions readily available on your big day. That way, you’ll ease your worry leading up to it, and have a tried-and-true survival kit to help alleviate worry on the day of. And if you need more ideas—I’m here to help, too. Let’s lift our glasses and toast (with the stain remover on standby)!

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