Those toddler days were a cake-walk compared to parenting a teenager. Your adolescent is so busy now with school work, friends, and extracurriculars, that sometimes you feel like you hardly see them. When you do connect, it’s only to manage the logistics of how to get from here to there. Then, something happens in her life, perhaps an unexpected challenge or even a defeat, and she draws close to you again. You want to squeal with delight and tear up at the same time. It’s hard to believe, but your once wide-eyed baby is nearing adulthood.

It’s time to acknowledge the transition, and even mark it, by celebrating her coming-of-age with all the family and friends who have helped usher your teen to this point in life. It has to be picture-perfect though—neither of you will get the moment back once it passes. But, how do you decide on a venue for such a momentous occasion?

Coming-of-Age Celebrations Have Unique Needs

Each family has their own idea about how to celebrate their teen’s maturation. Whether you are planning the last big birthday party you will throw for your teen, her entrance to adulthood, or the rites of passage of Judaism, your first challenge will be to find a venue that can meet all of your needs for this momentous occasion.

Sweet 16

This birthday is an important age in teenaged girls’ lives, and it has become customary among many to mark this occasion with a celebration that features the birthday girl and all of her favorite things. Some girls want an intimate party with “just” 30 of her closest friends and family, while others prefer an all-out extravaganza for their milestone birthday. Either way, when planning a Sweet 16 party, success is in the details.

You don’t want to get too wrapped up in these small things, though—fretting can turn a joyful event into a stressful one. From food to entertainment, an all-inclusive venue can simplify the planning and help you create the perfect party. Beyond the typical DJ and dancing, avenue that allows you to customize the menu so that you can serve all of her favorite foods will be important. Also, a venue that also offers outdoor challenges like a ropes course can add special bonding time with friends and family. Working in a team to navigate outdoor obstacles is a fantastic way for your teen and her peers to learn about their inner strengths and relying on those with shared goals. Some venues have everything you need to make a weekend event out of the celebration.


This traditional 15th birthday celebration has deep cultural roots and marks the transition from childhood to womanhood. Celebrations can be very elaborate and can incorporate many different traditions that involve family and friends. One of the first big decisions you and your teen will make when planning her Quinceanera is the theme.

From an enchanted garden to colorful charros, the theme will set the mood for the entire event. You’ll want to choose a party venue that already has the basic elements to build your theme, whether it’s an inspiring natural outdoor gathering space or an elegant hacienda for a formal dinner and dancing. Of course, the venue should have the perfect place for the most endearing traditions for the Quince girl—her waltz! Don’t forget, she will also need a place for her and her court to primp and don their specially-chosen dresses for the party beforehand.

To make the celebration extra special, you can make it a two-day event in which the birthday girl and her friends can spend the day after the party together doing fun activities like rock climbing, and then end the evening by reliving all the best parts of the party over a campfire and s’mores.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

For your new teen’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you want to create a memorable and meaningful event that you and your family will remember for a lifetime. To make the most of the occasion, many families plan several events throughout the weekend, beginning with a Friday evening Shabbat dinner and ending with a Sunday brunch. Saturday might start with a morning service then an extended Kiddush luncheon and, as evening approaches, a teen-centered party complete with a DJ and dancing.

Rather than complicate the planning process with multiple venues, causing out-of-town guests navigate a new city, why not hold all the celebratory events in one location with comfortable accommodations for everyone? Imagine being surrounded by family and friends as you shuttle to the synagogue or temple together, returning to your private retreat for the weekend-long celebrations after. A brand new teenager will relish the opportunity to be his or her friends in beautiful outdoor spaces as they celebrate the beginning of young adulthood.

A Venue as Expansive as Your Imagination

Imagine celebrating the timeless coming-of-age tradition with family and friends amongst 300 acres of California redwoods with ocean views. The two distinctive and versatile venues at Kennolyn feel like a world away, just like those toddler years, but they are actually within easy reach of both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, as well as the rest of the Bay Area. Your teen will love being able to bring their friends and celebrate these important rites of passage surrounded by landscapes of the Santa Cruz mountains.

With overnight accommodations for everyone on your invite list, an executive chef to design your ideal menu, and a personal event coordinator that can handle the big things on your planning “to-do” list, planning your celebration at Kennolyn simple. Selecting one of Kennolyn’s all-inclusive private event packages can free you up to focus on the sentimental details that will make your teen’s coming-of-age event one to be cherished for years to come. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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