My experience of spring is that it settles into the landscape quietly. When things do emerge—like the Bay Area’s delightful bursts of wildflowers—they really have a chance to stand out, and people pay attention. The same is true of spring weddings: Unlike the full and ripe wedding season through the summer and into the fall, spring weddings stand out against a gentle natural backdrop and generally calmer calendars.

In fact, even your expenses may prove a bit quieter as well, since many venues offer discounts and special wedding package deals for spring wedding dates. It’s certainly not too late to book a Bay Area wedding venue for spring 2018, but it is time to get moving and get planning. In fact, it’s the perfect time to keep an eye on all of the successful trends through this 2017 wedding season and take the time to consider what really resonates with you, so you can start planning the perfect, memorable spring wedding.


When Planning a Spring Wedding in the Bay Area, Start with Your Venue

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself and start planning your spring wedding details before you even have a venue booked. If the Bay Area’s bright orange poppies, violet lupine, and mustard flowers start to go wild too soon, they might catch a late-season chill and have to start all over again once spring is truly ready for them. Likewise, you might devise detailed plans for your wedding decorations (inspired by Pinterest’s ever-generous supply, perhaps) only to find, once you book your venue, that those plans won’t work well in the space. Since Bay Area venues fill up fast for locals and destination weddings alike, make sure you prioritize this detail above all others. Take a look at our guide to help you get a jumpstart on your local venue selection by considering the features that are really important to you.

Unlike in other parts of the country, in the Bay Area, we can expect fairly mild and hospitable weather for a spring wedding. You can even opt for an outdoor wedding venue space and incorporate a large tented structure, which adds to the intimate feel and, of course, keeps you covered in the case of a late-season rain shower. Taking advantage of the Bay Area’s outdoor beauty means you have a leg up on your wedding decor. Especially if you’re planning to say your “I dos” in the soft spring grove of a redwood wedding venue, the magical forest scene following a winter of rain will instantly set your wedding event apart from the rest.


Be a Trendsetter for the 2018 Bay Area Wedding Season

You can get a jump on the hottest trends for 2018. If you’re drawn to some of the bolder bridal trends coming out of this year’s fashion shows—like black-on-white accents, pant suits, capes, and statement jewelry—you’d rather be leading the 2018 wedding season with your big entrance than following the many other couples planning their own unique wedding experiences for the summer. Likewise, as you’re scouting Pinterest through the fall and even into the winter of 2018, narrowing down your wedding ideas, you’ll be ahead of the curve as fresh decorations, favors, and other details emerge. Spring is a time to enter the sun’s just-dawning spotlight and be seen.


Your Timeline for Planning a Standout Spring Wedding at a Bay Area Venue

  •  By July 2017, start your in-person wedding venue search. It’s time to branch out from online searches and photo galleries and schedule some tours. You can’t really know what ceremony and reception spaces have to offer you and your vision until you’ve visited for yourself. Set a goal to visit one or two wedding venues each weekend if you need that push. That can also be a great way to stretch your search out and get a sense for what the many wedding venues throughout the Bay Area have to offer.
  • By August 2017, aim to book your venue. Starting in August, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect dress, book your vendors, and get deep into the creative planning. By this time, you’ll likely still have access to wedding package deals and promotions that are unique to spring events.
  • By January 2018, if not sooner, have all your vendors booked. Again, here, you’ll be ahead of the curve, as engagement season will be wrapping up and so many couples will be starting their searches and planning for the summer/fall 2018 wedding season. You’ve got a bit more wiggle room if your venue is all-inclusive and you have fewer logistical details to worry about because they are conveniently wrapped into the wedding package. And this is doubly true if your all-inclusive venue also offers a wedding coordinator dedicated to alleviating your stress, helping with planning between now and then, and coordinating the event on your wedding day.


Then in April or May 2018, your big day will dawn. Your guests won’t yet be burnt out on weddings; their anticipation will be high, and their perspective will be fresh as you unveil your personalized wedding elements. Then, as you take a break from the Bay Area hustle for your honeymoon, the weather will be milder, and the crowds won’t be as crazy as if you were taking off during the peak wedding season.


So, start getting excited now. Be ready for this summer’s events to inspire you. Be sure to lock down your ideal venue soon. And then give your ideas time and space to develop through the year. Spring 2018 is waiting patiently to shine its soft light on your perfect day.

If you have questions about planning your spring 2018 wedding timeline or about our promotional offers, get in touch today. Kennolyn is one of those all-inclusive Bay Area wedding venues with coordinators ready to begin the planning journey with you. And they’ll be with you ‘til the end.

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