It’s too bad that when I think of Labor Day, I immediately think of traffic. I guess I’ve spent too many long weekends stuck in the car when I could have been kicking back and really taking advantage of the precious little break before we’re launched into the fall transition. If, like me, you’re planning to stick around the San Francisco Bay Area this Labor Day weekend, here’s how you can plan out your time with a good balance between rewarding activities and much-needed relaxation.

To plan a bona fide staycation this Labor Day, follow this one important tip: do something out of the ordinary. Just because you’re not going anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t get away from everyday life for the weekend. Plan some activities that you can really engage in, so you’re not just counting the time left before Tuesday morning. Here are some tips for how to plan for out-of-the-ordinary fun and to uncover some hidden-gem activities right here in the Bay Area.

Unplug This Labor Day Weekend and Look to Bay Area Nature for Ways to Take a Break

I don’t think I can stress this enough: if you want to have a truly rejuvenating Labor Day staycation, be willing to unplug for a few days. Disconnecting from social media and the news, and even your regular TV/entertainment habits, is an important part of taking a break from the ordinary to spent some time with the extraordinary. I promise: all of those live connections will be right there waiting for you when you plug back in on Tuesday, but committing to unplugging goes hand in hand with committing to the best possible weekend “away”—at home.

If you—and especially if your kids—need some help with the challenge of actually going wireless, Family Camp is a great option for everyone to get out into nature and immerse yourselves in fresh air, games, and bonding activities that will help everyone engage. Yes, school has already started, but it’s still not too late for summer camp if you know where to look for it.

You could even plan to camp out in your own backyard. It wouldn’t have to be the same kind of stressful as a full-blown camping trip because you’ll have everything you could possibly need just a short walk away. But it would take you away from the everyday, and it would give you that rare chance to be surrounded by the sounds of crickets and early morning birds—and silence—the kinds of sounds you usually get only from a dedicated mountain retreat.

Look Ahead to the Bay Area’s End-of-Summer Lineup for Labor Day Weekend 2017

The SF Bay Area is definitely special in that you can take a short trip and discover plenty of brand new things just by visiting a nearby county. That definitely goes for the aforementioned local nature getaways. Are there any regional or state parks you haven’t yet visited? Kids get a kick out of scavenger hunts through the park. Or, considering how warm it has been, maybe you want to pack up a picnic and head to the coast. How long has it been since you visited the rolling hills and vineyards of Sonoma and Napa counties? We know, too, from experience that the Santa Cruz Mountains are a unique destination to rival North Bay wineries and retreats.

Check out this extensive guide to family-friendly events and activities for Labor Day weekend in the Bay Area. In the San Francisco mecca, you really don’t have to go far from home to find out-of-the-box ideas for your staycation.

Giving Back to the Bay Area Is One Unique Thing to Do This Labor Day Weekend

Just think how much deeper your rest would be and how fulfilled you would feel if you spent some time this Labor Day weekend giving back to the Bay Area and our generous home environment. Join in the Surfrider Beach Cleanup at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. On Sunday, volunteers will meet at 10am at Stairwell 17, across from the Beach Chalet Restaurant. The cleanup would mean only a couple hours of physical exertion. You’ll probably meet some great locals whom you don’t run into on a typical day, and you’d be in a good position to then hang out at a clean beach for the rest of the day.

HandsOn Bay Area has volunteer opportunities all through Labor Day weekend 2017, and the commitments tend to be for short stretches of time in the morning or evening. You could be a greeter at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto; prepare food at different food banks around the Bay Area; help with community gardening in Oakland, San Jose, or San Francisco; or check out the calendar for other volunteering options. Even as you take that important step to unplug from your typical routines and digital dependence, you’ll be reconnecting with your home community and the people who are always here all around you, though you’re not always aware.

What will your extra-ordinary Labor Day staycation look like?

If you’re interested in throwing a party in the Bay Area this Labor Day weekend or planning a family reunion, we’ve got some ideas for that too. Kennolyn is a cozy, fun-filled getaway just up in the hills over the Bay Area. Get in touch with us to start planning any kind of event you might have in mind.

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