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  1. Trust Falls
  2. Role Playing
  3. Blindfold Challenges
  4. Human Knot
  5. Group Hug

The Team-Building Committee has determined, through simulated employee satisfaction studies, that these activities have depreciated to obsoletion. Please, sign off on transferring said items to the records department.


The Boss

In our 20 years planning corporate events for San Jose businesses, we’ve seen a lot of team-building activities come and go—while some, like the ropes course and annual sports tournaments, seem immune to depreciation. Since we’re right on the edge of Silicon Valley, we’ve seen some mind-blowing innovations in team-building strategy come from this groundbreaking tech mecca and for this constantly growing and evolving corporate neighborhood.

The Latest in Bay Area Corporate Event Planning

There are companies whose sole mission is to design and deliver out-of-the-box team-building events to both stabilize and revolutionize your company culture. These experience providers in the Bay Area know how to cater to your employees’ interests and talents, but they also know from experience that taking your team to a new level of collaboration and success means getting outside of the established comfort zones.

Set aside your expectations of the age-old team-building agenda, and think for a minute about your employees engaging in some of these road-tested, user-approved approaches to group fusion.

Bridge to the Future

The short story here is that your team builds a bridge out of only cardboard and duct tape that the employees can all walk across at once. The long story is that your company breaks up into teams, which each build a section of the bridge, strategizing about structural approach and integrity—while reflecting on this process as a representation of your broader mission and goals. Specialized roles are established, such as leaders, column designers, cutters, decorators, and builders. While each team is focused on its individual project, none are working in total isolation—they are bridged (so to speak) by regular leader networking. Project managers meet periodically to share effective strategies and to coordinate completion times perfectly before the whole bridge can be assembled.

Your bridge-building mission would take place just a short drive from San Jose at our exclusive venue in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our wide-open field gives each sub-team enough space to spread out for research and development and then for your whole group to assemble the bridge that may be hundreds of feet long. From just the right perspective, it will look like you’re building a bridge from our mountain forest straight to the Monterey Bay. From the start, you’ll have the support of our event-planning team and that of Best Corporate Events, the experts in traversing business and cultural challenges.

Build Your Own Mini Golf Course

We have our own legitimate putting green right here at our conference and retreat center, but we don’t want to take away your company’s opportunity to build a course of its own—and to work out team kinks and discover hidden talents in the process. Team Bonding has designed this activity not only for your team’s enrichment internally, but also for your team’s contribution to the wider San Jose community.

Each sub-team will construct one hole of the course, choose a theme and rules for the hole, and rely on materials that can afterwards be donated to a food shelter: canned and dry goods. Your employees will have to get creative with their resources, and they’ll have no choice but to create goals around generating fun. Once the whole course is complete, teams will select representatives to compete in a spirited putt-putt tournament. Your team-building event will go far beyond employee bonding toward corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is another innovation gaining momentum across corporate industries as companies employ practices that attract customers with similar values.

Mission: Possible

Enter, the next generation team-building event. You’re all spies navigating through our 300 acres of redwood forest and Old West-style village (should you choose to accept the mission). You’ll be broken up into teams, each of which will receive clues to solve, locations to find, a video camera to shoot “undercover surveillance video.” You’ll even be challenged to spy on other teams while exercising your physical and mental skills for covert success.

Feet First excels at designing custom missions that are right for your team and for the terrain and points of interest at different Bay Area venues and locations. Once the time has run out on your team’s mission, you’ll all rendezvous to hand over what you’ve uncovered. Together, you’ll all view the videos shot by the sub-teams, and then Feet First’s secret agents will award Spy Training Completion Certificates to the team that completed its mission most effectively.

Making This Event Happen for Your Deserving San Jose Team

As involved and elaborate as these progressive experiences are, they can be completed even in the midst of a single off-site day, taking your team just far enough outside of San Jose to feel your pace slow down and your perspective open up. Or you could take full advantage of this expansive opportunity with an overnight company retreat, sharing your time away between business objectives and team bonding. Either way, you can set aside those out-of-date team-building ideas and plan an engaging and totally unique adventure that will send your employees back to the office inspired and reconnected.

In other good news, you don’t have to do all of the planning yourself. At Kennolyn, we’re more than happy to help because we love to stay on the edge of what cultivates success and culture in the workplace. Get in touch, and we’ll put our best people on your corporate event.


Teamwork Image Source: Virginia Tech School Of Performing Arts

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