7 Things a Formal Event Planner or Maid of Honor (MOH) should always have on hand

Congratulations, you have made it to the big day! After months of planning, prioritizing, and decision-making, it is now time to be pampered and have fun! Hopefully you are relaxed and feel safe in the hands of your event planner, and picked a solid team of bridesmaids who have your back.

However, if you’re a bride who likes to do-it-herself, or a Maid of Honor (MOH) doing some last-minute cramming… here’s your cheat-sheet!

First, let’s just assume that you’re not going to leave home without your cellphone and charger, right? Even if you weren’t a girl scout, you probably keep some cash on you, just in case. And one of your bridal party probably has a few breath mints or throat lozenges on them, even if they are hidden at the bottom of their bag covered in fluff.


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Now, here is our guide to your Ultimate Wedding Day Tool Kit, because ‘happy bride, happy day’!


Wet Wipes

We love wipes for their versatility. Keep a family-size box of in your kit. Don’t have room for a whole packet? Put a couple of tissues and a few wet wipes in separate plastic baggies and slip them in your pocket or clutch.

Useful for: make-up touch-ups, stain removal, spillage clean-up, hand wipes, and general freshening up

For MOH bonus points: Throw in a couple of disinfecting wipes or mini hand sanitizer in case of emergencies. If you’re worried about a chemical smell clashing with the bride’s perfume, mix up your own using the bride’s favorite essential oils. Recipe from Wellness Mama here.


Safety pins

Safety pins are the kind of thing that you see lying around everywhere until you need one. And, if you’ve ever needed one and not had a safety pin to hand, you’ll know they’re kind of difficult to replace!

Useful for: emergency wardrobe fixes, securing boutonnieres, general pinning of things that need to stay together

For MOH bonus points: Have an emergency sewing kit to hand… I once had to sew four bridesmaids into their dresses as all their zips gave out at the last minute!



Stop chaffing immediately with the soft fabric kind that has an adhesive back (scissors required)!

Useful for: sticking inside shoes to prevent rubbing, sticking on feet to prevent (or as damage control for) blisters, sticking anywhere about your person where clothing rubs – especially useful if the bride has boned corsetry.

For MOH bonus points: To keep the bride’s feet dance-floor-ready, stock up on Band-Aids, blister kits, padded shoe insoles, and gel pads for balls of feet. If there’s even a small chance it could be cold and you’ll be outside, throw in some hand or feet warmers (also work well in pockets) – you’ll be the most popular person around!

# 4

Bottle opener

Yes, we know that by now you have acquired the life skills to open a bottle of anything, anywhere, but let’s keep it sophisticated, this is a wedding!

Useful for: A good bottle opener has many nifty tools, it’s almost like a Swiss Army Knife. But, we’re mainly concerned about ease of keeping drinks flowing today.

For MOH bonus points: Why not carry an actual Swiss Army Knife with you? Then, you’ll also have the scissors for the moleskin!

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Body tape

Hollywood’s best kept secret! Easy to use, double-sided, clear adhesive tape for all your formal dress needs.

Useful for: Keeping things where you want them, enhancing what nature gave you, hiding things that need to be hidden under a revealing dress, preventing wardrobe malfunctions!

For MOH bonus points: Have a game plan. Familiarize yourself with the bride’s dress design so you can best advise on tape placement, this is not just for emergencies!

# 2


Kind of like a safety pin, if you need hairspray, there’s not really a good substitute. Hand moisturizer or lip balm can be used at a push, but it’s easy to use too much and end up with a slick mess. Not everyone likes the feel of crunchy hair, but unless the bride is going for a very natural look, hairspray should be used liberally.

Useful for: Maintaining the bride’s perfect hairdo all day come wind, humidity, and vigorous dancing! Also, can be sprayed lightly on the inside of clothing to counter static (do a swatch test first on a hidden area if fabric is delicate). Allegedly, it can also be used as a bug repellent!

For MOH bonus points: Have a travel size version of the same hairspray the stylist used about your person, and take it upon yourself to check the bride’s hair regularly! She’ll be looking at these photos for a long time, and will thank you later if there is not a hair out of place.

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Kleenex tissues

Tears can come at any time, and without warning! The bride probably doesn’t have a pocket in her wedding dress, so it is up to her bridal party to be able to whip out a Kleenex at a second’s notice.

Useful for: Preventing make up damage and tear stains on white dress, dripping noses, removing lipstick from teeth, general cleaning, stuffing, and mopping

For MOH bonus points: On that note, why not have an emergency make-up touch-up kit to hand? Travel or sample sizes of the bride’s favorites can be acquired ahead of time. And, don’t forget to give some tissues to the groomsmen!

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