“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” We can thank Renaissance artist Michelangelo for this hint as we apply it to the social Renaissance that is Pinterest. Your Pinterest wedding board is like a block of unfinished stone; ultimately, you need to carve away all of the ideas that don’t fit in order to reveal the perfect vision underneath—perfect because it’s yours.

When it comes time to look up from Pinterest and start putting plans in motion, it can feel like you’re trapped in a block of stone. You have a whole world of possibilities at your fingertips. So how do you chip away at them all and find the wedding ideas that will work for you?

The Firm Criteria That Your Pinterest Action Board Must Follow

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my first suggestion is that you create another wedding board—just one more—that includes only the ideas you’re actually bringing to life. You might want to start it as a secret board and share it only with those actively helping plan the wedding, like your fiance, maid of honor and possibly your vendors. This helps you avoid publicly sharing every detail before the big day. Give the board a name that captures its significance (whether “Crystallizing” or “Exact Measurements Only” or “Best Day of My Life”), then make sure that each pin follows the criteria below so that it actually lives up to its title.

  1. It’s realistic for your budget.

In order to pass this test, you must first be familiar with estimated wedding costs. If you’ve considered venue and food but not all of the little rentals and equipment extras you’ll need, how can you be sure what you actually have room for? Before any item ends up on your ultimate wedding board, do some solid research about the cost of pulling it off.

  1. It will be in season in your location.

Those pins depicting lush, gorgeous bouquets do not take into account what will actually be available in your area. And it’s not enough to simply search for “best spring flowers for a wedding.” Get excited by the pictures, take notes about what you like—then call up local florists to determine what will be in season, what each florist suggests, and what options will actually hold up for an entire day and not just a carefully curated photoshoot. Your flowers are only one thing to consider here; make sure you’ve checked availability on anything you’re adding to your board.

  1. It’s definitely possible to pull off at your venue.

If you haven’t yet selected your venue, divert your attention to that task first because you can’t be sure of most other details until your venue is locked down. Then make sure:

It’s logistically possible. Is your venue big enough for the live band you want to hire—plus a dance floor? Will you have enough help to hang all those paper cranes? Will your venue let you attach things to the walls and ceiling? Think realistically about what it would take to pull off each idea.

It works with the venue’s inherent personality and color scheme. Pinterest suggestions look great in photographs but might ultimately clash with your venue’s style. If the existing decor is ornate and elegant, burlap and sunflowers might seem out of place. As you’re curating this new collection of pins, imagine each within the context of your actual venue.

It complements the natural setting. Is yours an ocean view, a cityscape, a mountaintop, or a forest venue? You may find that you need far fewer decorations at an outdoor ceremony site circled by trees than you would in an urban banquet hall. The natural beauty of your location should help set the tone just as much as the elements you add.

  1. No duplicates allowed.

On those other boards, you already pinned all of the centerpieces that caught your eye. Now is the time to narrow it down. On your ultimate board, you need only one idea for each wedding element (or a couple, max, if you’re going to combine ideas). This board is a tool—the more straightforward it is, the more helpful it is.

  1. No piggybacks allowed.

If your chosen item comes from a list of twenty ideas, find a way to isolate it by pinning only the photo in question. If it’s a color scheme you want, find real-life flowers, fabric swatches, or paint chips and take your own photos, then upload them as fresh pins. This keeps you from repinning a distracting collection of dresses and bouquets and cakes that you’re ultimately not interested in.

  1. Is that your final answer?

Even if you’re going back and forth between two or more options for, say, hair or makeup, don’t pin more than one idea here. This board is sacred. This board has to follow the rules if it’s going to work for you. Instead, put this item on your to-do list: “Finalize our dessert option”—or whatever is still up in the air. Then pin it when you’re actually ready.

Unlike the others, this board should have a relatively small number of pins; you might even be able to see them all on your computer screen without scrolling. When you drop into this space, it should inspire confidence, motivation, and control. The generous flood of wedding pins will keep coming, and you don’t have to delete other wedding boards you’ve built over the years. But as you shape your wedding, these extra ideas will be chipped and brushed away to reveal the true masterpiece underneath.

Upgrade Your Pinterest by Turning Questions into Answers

“Pinterest has made things a little less abstract,” reflects Kennolyn’s wedding coordinator Janine. “These events are a lot less private now in the age of social media.” On the one hand, couples can get their fill of images that help them imagine real wedding details. On the other hand, these ideas were born out of other couples’ personalization, or maybe even out of third-party planners’ and bloggers’ creativity. Go beyond Pinterest wedding ideas to create something truly unique, truly you.It’s okay to find inspiration in these ideas, as long as you can infuse them with your own authentic edge—otherwise, you’ll end up with a collection of cookie-cutter details.

If you’re getting serious about planning your wedding, it’s time to redefine your relationship to Pinterest. It can be a distraction and a hindrance, or it can be a truly helpful tool. If you narrow all your ideas down honestly, your wedding will showcase only elements that highlight the celebration of your love—the deeper thing that really matters.

Wedding planning is a big job that you don’t have to do alone. Beyond tools like Pinterest, you can rely on the support of a creative and dedicated team to actualize your perfect wedding. Give us a call to see if Kennolyn might be the right Bay Area venue for your vision.


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