Wedding season is still going strong and we’ve loved seeing couples celebrate their big day with their friends and families. Although it’s a celebratory occasion, it can be quite expensive for most couples and their guests. Here are some tips for every to save during this wedding season.


For the Bride & Groom:

Pick an off-peak wedding date:

As we’ve mentioned before, when booking a  Northern California wedding, seasonal deals are less common. However, Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more common. Saturday is a popular wedding day and tends to be more expensive, so booking on a Friday or Sunday will allow you to get a better deal. You can also utilize WeddingWire’s wedding date calendar to find which dates are most popular.


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Know when to splurge or save:

There are ways to have your dream wedding on a budget without sacrificing style. While you may want to splurge on your dress, decor, and photographers, you can also DIY other aspects of the wedding day.

Get your wedding party together, and have a DIY party! Take advantage of their talents and make your own centerpieces, invitations, and wedding favors. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have an added personal touch to the wedding day.


Book an all-inclusive venue:

Booking an all-inclusive venue can be a time and money saver! Kennolyn offers packages that include catering,  a coordinator that will ensure that the day goes smoothly, and about everything you would normally need to rent or buy.

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For the Guest:

Book ASAP:

As soon as you receive the save-the-date, you should start looking at travel and hotel accommodations. The sooner you book, the better deals you can get! Even if the couple has arranged a hotel block, shop around and compare deals with different hotels near the venue.

Dress for less:

Getting a new outfit for every wedding can get really expensive. If you’re looking for a suit, instead of renting for every occasion, invest in a suit that you can wear again and again with just a switch of shirt and tie. Buying a dress isn’t as easy. We know you don’t want to wear the same look for every wedding, so look into Rent The Runway which gives you designer pieces for an affordable price. You can also take advantage of coupon codes from extensions like Cently when online shopping for new outfits.

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Pitch in for a group gift:

Most modern registries like Zola allow for guests to contribute to group gifts. Couples will typically have one or two big ticket items that they’re vying for, and it would mean a lot to them if you and a group of close friends got it for them. Not only can you gift something the couple really wants, but you can save some money in the process too.


What are some of your best wedding season saving tips?

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