Disney flipped our perspective of the future upside down back in 1937. Snow White kicked off a long line of softer-than-life love stories that convinced our childhood hearts that “the dream that you wish will come true.” For many of us, letting go of the real-life fairytale is an integral part of growing up. But, we could say that “fairytale” love and marriage are relative because that ideal looks different for everyone. A “fairytale” doesn’t have to be limited to a traditional Disney-like vision to be really genuine.

Here, we encourage couples not to give up on the idea of a fairytale wedding because the amazing potential to make weddings unique and personal is incredible. Some of the latest wedding trends will leave you jaw-dropped and with a newfound belief in real childhood wonders. Let’s go ahead and flip the traditional fairytale on its head—the one in which the dream happens to you. Let’s call the modern fairytale the one that you create for yourself.

The Latest Trends That Make the Modern Fairytale Wedding Possible

Besides the practical elements of creating a real-life fairytale relationship—like open and honest communication, willingness to grow and bend but also maintain your healthy sense of self—we can have fun talking about the lighter side of creating a real-life fairytale wedding day. We can’t all plan for fireworks and pumpkin-shaped white wire carriages, but there are so many accessible decorations and details that can bring the theme to life.

Delicate String Lights and Other Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Our evening weddings are perfectly poised for fairytale effect because couples can hold their ceremonies in our mystical redwood grove and then retreat to the estate for their reception. When the sun sets, the trees are illuminated as if by fireflies, and string lights give a soft, timeless glow to the fountain courtyard.

If you’re interested in ideas about how to work hanging decorations naturally into your wedding decor, check out this guide. Whether you’re going for a memorable storybook effect with bubbly lights and whimsical floating picture frames, or you’re going for a more classic and elegant dream with cascading floral arrangements and dainty twinkle lights—you can create the desired effect in the right venue with the right wedding planner.

Some of our favorite trends right now are large-scale floral wreaths, which make a stunning backdrop for wedding ceremonies, and other geometric wedding decor that seems to invite you into a new dimension of space and time. We are always trying to think outside the box, and we haven’t yet run out of fresh ways to use flowers, petals, and greenery—which is a particularly popular trend right now. Even if you’re already hosting your wedding in a stunning outdoor venue, greenery can help you and your guests feel intimately connected to the natural splendor and fairytale qualities of the world already living around us.

Dressing for the Fairytale

Sometimes they are the smallest, most delicate touches that bring an authentic fairytale to life. Simple flower buds scattered throughout your hair or a sweet crown swapped for the traditional veil may be the detail that your guests remember because it is special—the detail that actually helps to set the tone for the day. Those little details can carry a lot of the weight, so you don’t need to have a ton of them working together; narrow down some of your Pinterest favorites, and put your attention toward making those details personal.

They may not be glass slippers, but unexpected shoes that stop the show have become a trend that is truly inspired by the personalities of the couple themselves. And, again, everyone’s fairytale is unique, so we’re seeing everything from colored TOMS and Converse peeking out from under white gowns to bridal ballet flats to gold and silver wedding shoes. If comfort is a priority for you, then shoes are certainly one area for you to get creative. Getting practical and down-to-earth with these elements of dress don’t go against the real-life fairytale idea because your fairytale is the one in which you’re comfortable and can be yourself. So, be yourself! Wear what helps you to feel inspired by your particular brand of magic and wonder—whether that includes fairy wings, lace, bold colors, or your bare feet.

Fairytale Wedding Venues to Suit You and Your Dream

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Before you narrow in on any definite details, you need to narrow in on your venue. Sure, that prospect may be stressful if you’re juggling a long list of possibilities or you still don’t know quite where to start. But it can be a comfort to realize that when you choose the right venue, it can also carry a lot of the weight of making your wedding magical. This may not be true for the typical hotel and hall venues, but there are a lot of specialty venues—especially those with elaborate outdoor space—that will transport you and your guests right to a fairytale reality.

Let your dream still be a bit up-in-the-clouds until you are ready to reserve a space and then you can ground your dream in that real-life venue. If you really want to feel like princes or princesses, get in touch with an all-inclusive wedding venue that does so much of the worrying and heavy lifting for you. A coordinator can help you to identify the real priorities. And you’ll have more space for the dream, for your fairytale ideal, and for developing those little decorations and details that will make your wedding charmingly unique.

We can never know quite what a wedding dream will become because each one takes on a life of its own. It takes a village to raise a wedding, and we would be honored to be that for you. Reach out to us at Kennolyn to find out more about our wedding packages and how we’ll customize your planning journey.

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