One of our couples found their way to us after first trying to do all of the planning, booking, and coordinating themselves at a cute but minimally prepared venue. One of the things that actually gave them the most grief was working with the local florist they chose. Rather than seeking out a recommendation, they did a search of Santa Cruz florists and made the initial decision based on photos they loved. During the almost seven months of planning, they struggled to even get their point of contact on the phone. The groom said, looking back, “It seemed like the list of things we were going to have to do ourselves just kept piling up higher and higher.”

With five or six or more months still to go before the wedding, it’s easy to give in to all that personal responsibility and ignore the fact that you’re not going to want to do all of that yourselves anywhere near your wedding day! You’re not going to want to do any of it because, well, why plan a wedding for the purpose of making you work?

Not only are there creative experts who can pull off a dream wedding seamlessly, but they also enjoy doing it, and that very interaction will help you enjoy it all the more, too. Our couple, who got lucky that a weekend became available with us, say that their whole experience shifted from the inside out when they had a dedicated planner on their side. All it took was the recommendation of a trusted vendor for their wedding flowers, and everything fell into place—even in the very short time left before their wedding. Just as the experts at Fionna Floral know what it takes to enliven and beautify local venues, a Santa Cruz wedding planner makes it their primary business to know what works and what doesn’t for true wedding perfection.

What Does a Wedding Planner Really Bring to Your Santa Cruz Wedding?

Except for those exceptionally rare, beyond laid-back couples (we can thank Santa Cruz for many of these!), most people head toward their big day really wanting absolutely nothing to go wrong. The truth behind that mythical expectation is that something always goes wrong. You don’t necessarily see the issue; it doesn’t have to be on display for your guests and for you to stress about, but unexpected things always come up. If you have someone on your side, getting things efficiently lined up ahead of time and who is committed to problem-solving as your day-of coordinator, then you can expect the best case scenario—which is that things do go wrong, but your quarterback can quickly make them right again.

Of course, there are the bigger things that can’t escape everyone’s notice, like rain on your outdoor wedding day. You might even plan a mid- to late-summer wedding, confident that it never rains during a Santa Cruz summer! But that one day—your day—turns out to be one of those miraculous exceptions to the rule. If you have an experienced coordinator who really knows how to think on their feet and they have the venue resources required to troubleshoot effectively, that big problem becomes nothing more than a surprise adventure that makes for great lasting stories and photos.

Another enormous benefit of having a wedding planner is their knowledge of and connections within the local market. They might have a favorite Santa Cruz wedding photographer because they make couples happy and because they make the planner’s job easier when all goes well. Likewise, that photographer might favor the planner too because they have their strategies, communications, and resources locked down. It’s a mutually beneficial and appreciative relationship, and that’s the kind of vibe you want to have at your wedding. All of these advantages could be doubled if you’re planning a destination wedding and don’t have the insider knowledge of the Santa Cruz area, its quirks, and its not-to-be-missed details.

Are Wedding Planners Really Worth It?

No doubt, our opinion is a biased one! But if it’s the cost of a planner that makes you hesitate as you get started on your wedding planning journey, there are some realities still to balance out in your decision. Take a look at our breakdown of why weddings cost as much as they do. You can’t get around needing all of the pieces of the wedding set (furniture and decorations and meal serveware), and you can’t get around needing someone to take responsibility for all of it. Even if you were to decide that you were going to work all through your wedding rather than enjoy it and spend time with your guests, you still wouldn’t be able to do it all yourselves!

Passing up the larger up-front price tag—say, for an all-inclusive Santa Cruz wedding venue—for a much lower cost that includes very little will inevitably come to make you reconsider once you’ve added up all the necessary elements not already included, the cost of any necessary help, and the still-valuable cost of your own time spent. Not just any wedding planner, but the right wedding planner, will be able to make the most of your investment—and likely in an even bigger way that you could have anticipated. When you find the right wedding planner, you’ll find that they go above and beyond what is written in your agreement, far outweighing the investment for one of the most important days of your life.

Are you still resisting the additional expense of a wedding planner or resisting giving up some control over the flow of planning? That’s okay. Your wedding day definitely deserves the extra consideration. We’re always here to answer your questions and talk out some of your concerns. Just give us a call. We’re definitely some of those passionate experts in Santa Cruz weddings.

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