Summertime is the ideal season for being outdoors and celebrating with close friends, tasty food, and cold drinks. All this time outside creates the perfect excuse to deck out your backyard or special events venue and make these summer memories extra special. One simple way to set the scene is by mixing up your outdoor lighting. This summer, has several unique backyard lighting ideas to impress your guests and light up the night.

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String lights

String lights are for so much more than just the holidays! You’ve probably seen them adding a cozy ambiance to all of your favorite bars and restaurant patios. Our personal favorite is their warm touch at a wedding.  String lights are insanely trendy right now, probably because they are so cute and easy to hang. Smaller “fairy” light bulbs will add a fairy tale-like feeling to any location for a whimsical and romantic event, while bigger globe lights will turn your space into a glowing paradise. You can wrap them around your trees, zig-zag them along the patio cover or string them throughout your bushes for an extra sparkle.

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Lanterns are another stylish way to dress up your special event. There are so many shapes, sizes, and styles that it’s easy to find a favorite. Lanterns can really light up a space with a soft but bright glow. Use them to line garden paths or hang from trees. A lantern with a citronella candle placed conveniently near your guests will ward off unwelcome mosquitos and give off a cozy feel. And finally, if you’re looking for a new DIY project, convert a couple of empty tin cans or wine bottles into your own lanterns! There are so many ways to get creative!

 Chandeliers, lighting, events


While they are dining room staples, chandeliers actually make great outdoor lighting that will wow. If you have tons of trees, hang a couple from some low-lying branches. They don’t need to be extremely fancy either. Well-arranged ropes, branches, or mason jars are pretty and rustic alternatives to crystal. Your guests will be amazed by magical and luxurious atmosphere!

String lights, lanterns, and outdoor chandeliers are just a few ways to spruce up your setting. Electric lights will keep the party going all night, but real candles are great for a warm, intimate flicker. Either way, you can turn any area into a summertime paradise just like in the magazines.

Now that you have the ideas, go forth and make your own wonderland for you, your friends and family to enjoy.

Author: Jhana Guzman-Scholder from Siege Media

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