There’s something undeniably romantic about the thought of getting married in a forest. Trees swaying lightly in the fragrant breeze, birds singing merrily, and the sun shining through the cracks in the canopy make for the most magical of weddings. Not only does a forest themed wedding ensure beautiful photos, it also gives you and your guests a peaceful escape from city life to pause, take in some fresh air, and celebrate love in a naturally beautiful, serene environment.

Forest themed weddings are especially fun when it comes to planning all the little details. From your whimsical flower crown to your wood nymph-inspired bridesmaids dresses, it’s the little touches that truly make your vision come together. The thing is, the details take a lot of time and careful planning. Wedding favors, in particular, can cause a lot of headaches for busy brides who are attempting to plan their wedding solo. Even if you book an all-inclusive location, favors can easily slip your mind until days before the wedding. In any case, wedding favors don’t have to be time-consuming or complicated to make. No matter how busy you are getting ready for your big day, you’ll have time to put together any of these simple forest themed favors that your guests are sure to love.

DIY 1: S’mores packets

Forests make me think of bonfires, and bonfires make me think of s’mores. And who doesn’t love s’mores? This is a very simple, delicious, and fun favor for your guests. They could either take them home and bring them on their next camping trip, or, if you are planning a bonfire as part of your wedding festivities, they can use them right away.

All you’ll need are clear cellophane bags, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. To make them extra special, look for pretty pastel-colored marshmallows, or ask your favorite pastry shop if they can make them for you. Swap out the plain chocolate for gourmet bars with fun fancy flavors like chili, sea salt, or burnt almond. You may even be able to find some locally made graham crackers if you want to go really gourmet.

To pack the s’mores, break up the chocolate bars so the pieces are roughly the same size as the graham crackers, and simply pack graham crackers in the bottom of the bag, followed by the chocolate, and then the marshmallows. Pack enough ingredients in each bag for one or two s’mores, and tie it closed with twine. You can even make little tree-themed tags with cute sayings like “s’more fun for later” or “s’more love for you” on them.

DIY 2: Trail mix

Everyone needs a hearty snack after spending a day in the great outdoors. Make a signature trail mix for your guests to take on their next hike or to refuel after a long night of dancing at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to get creative with flavor pairings and opt for ingredients that you wouldn’t normally use. The bulk section of a gourmet food store will no doubt have some tasty treats for you to mix and match.

Some delicious ideas include:

• Yogurt covered raisins, almonds, cranberries and pumpkin seeds

• Dried mango, pineapple, coconut chips, macadamia nuts and brazil nuts

• Dark chocolate, dried cherries, and pistachios

All you have to do is toss your ingredients together, pack, and you’re done! Mini mason jars with personalized labels  are a pretty way of showcasing the colors in your signature mix, plus, guests can reuse them. Little handmade cloth snack bags are another great packaging idea, as they come in handy for any outdoor excursion, and can also be washed and reused.

DIY 3: Homemade Birdseed

Give back to the feathered friends who serenaded you on your wedding day by sending your guests home with some birdseed that they made themselves! Adults and little kids alike will have lots of fun creating their own blends at the wedding and feeding the birds when they return home. Guests could even scatter it in the forest before the evening’s end if they wanted.

All you need to set up your birdseed mixing station are some grains, seeds, bowls and some scoops. Any combination of millet, sunflower seeds, corn kernels, wheat berries, hemp seeds and dried split peas will work. Then, all you do is fill each bowl with a different grain or seed so your guests can mix and pack. Little brown paper envelopes work best for packaging  this, especially because you can decorate the front with some cute designs beforehand. Again, don’t forget to get creative with what you write on the packages. “You’re a tweet heart” and “from the lovebirds” are a few fun ideas.

DIY 4: Donation

If favors aren’t really your thing or if you simply run out of time before the big day, making a donation to an organization on behalf of your guests is a thoughtful alternative. As a way of giving back to the forest that held space for your magical day, choose an organization that helps preserve our forests.

A few ideas include:

Give each of your guests little tree-themed cards thanking them for sharing the special day with you, and explaining that in lieu of a favor, you’ve made a donation in their name to an organization of your choice.

Showing Gratitude for Your Guests

Your wedding guests are the most important group of people in your lives as a couple. Often times they will travel great distances just to be with you for that one special day. While they are there to stand back and watch you shine, it is so important to show them gratitude for their presence. In addition to a heartfelt speech at the reception thanking them for their love and support, gifting them with a homemade favor is the perfect way to show your gratitude for their presence at your wedding.

Kennolyn offers beautiful, all-inclusive wedding packages so that all you have to take care of is your favors. We take care of everything else so that your day can be as magical as possible. To find out if our venue is right for your forest-themed wedding, contact us today.

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