Whenever I plan an event, the first thing I think about is the food. As someone with a cooking background, that only seems natural. But I’ve come to realize in my many years of event planning experience that I am pretty unique in this way. Not everyone has food on the brain all the time.

Actually, food is usually one of the last things on people’s minds when it comes to planning a corporate event. But over the years, I’ve learned that food is an integral part of any corporate event—whether it’s a retreat, a seminar, or an all-hands meeting. Delicious food and a thoughtfully planned menu bring an element of pleasure to what can otherwise be very serious, intense gatherings. Sharing a good meal has the ability to relax, connect, and fuel people, making everyone feel more productive, alert, and ready to collaborate.

The problem is, it can be really hard to choose from all the corporate catering packages available to you. Feeding a crowd isn’t something most of us have to do every day, so it can be tough to know where to begin. To help guide you in choosing the best corporate catering package for your event, let’s walk through some important considerations to keep in mind when planning meals for your colleagues.

Look for Customizable Corporate Catering Packages

When planning meals for your corporate event, the most important thing to look for in a catering package is flexibility. Customizable catering packages are going to be your best friend because they’ll allow you to choose both the style of meal that you want for your event and the meal itself.

The style in which the meal is served really matters for corporate events because you want transitions between sessions and meal times to be smooth. For example, if guests are arriving in the morning, you may want to opt for a casual breakfast consisting of grazing stations that makes it easy for people to grab a bite to eat whenever they arrive so that the day can get started as quickly as possible. If you went with a heavy, hot breakfast buffet, people may take longer to eat and the day may be delayed.

Whatever style of meals you end up choosing, be sure to consider the unique objectives of your event. If your event is a corporate retreat and you really want people to relax and bond with one another, a family-style barbecue would be the perfect style for your midday meal. But if you want to have a working lunch, a plated meal would be a better choice, as it would limit distraction and allow people to remain seated throughout the lunch hour.

Just be sure that you ask prospective caterers whether or not they are open to offering a variety of meal styles for your event according to your preferences, and make sure you choose one that does.

Considerations for Choosing Menus

Once you’ve chosen what style of service you want, it’s time to choose your menu. Again, you’ll want to make sure that the caterer you choose allows you to customize the meal itself so that it suits your group’s dietary preferences.

My biggest concern with planning a food for a corporate event is making sure that everyone has something to eat. We live in an age where allergies and food sensitivities are rampant, and where special diets like vegan and vegetarian are common. This can make meal planning a bit of a challenge.

The easiest way to start the process of menu planning is to send out a survey for attendees to report any special dietary needs. Once you have compiled a list of preferences and allergies you need to be mindful of, talk to your caterer and ask them to design a menu that will satisfy everyone. A good corporate caterer will ensure that everyone’s needs are met, so as long as you provide them with your list of special requests, they can do the rest.

Of course, you will want to give some thought to what kind of food you’d like to have served at your corporate event. Asian fusion, West Coast, and Mediterranean are popular options, for example. Keep in mind that the kind of food you serve will have an impact on how the day goes as well. Anything too rich or heavy will likely leave people feeling fatigued, and may take away from their focus for the rest of the day. Typically, simple, fresh options make for better concentration and more sustained energy throughout the day.

All-Inclusive Venues Offer the Best Corporate Catering Packages

As you can tell, choosing a corporate catering package is a lot of work and there are many important things to consider, from the style in which the meal is served to the type of food. But food is only one small part of the event. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider booking an all-inclusive venue for your corporate event that includes the facility fee, several meal options, and a beverage package. Not only will you save money, but the planning will be a lot simpler.

Once you book with an all-inclusive venue like Kennolyn, a professional coordinator will help you with all aspects of planning, saving you a lot of time and unnecessary stress. Plus, since they’ll be very familiar with all the details of your event, they’ll be able to give you sound advice as to what corporate catering packages work best for your particular event. That way, you can spend less time fussing about the details and more time focusing on the parts of your corporate event that excite you the most.

At Kennolyn, we believe that planning your corporate event should be as simple as possible. That’s why our beautiful all-inclusive venue includes customizable food and beverage options to suit your tastes. To learn more about how we can help you make your next corporate event a success, contact us today.


Image source: Unsplash user Dan Gold

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