Nowadays, just about anyone can become a legal, ordained officiant in thirty minutes or less online. Though there’s something special about having your best friend or cousin officiate your wedding, we’ve found that having a seasoned professional stand with you on your big day feels a bit more polished. After reading about Reverend Rich and his passion for his work, you’ll know what we mean.

Weddings, Officiants

My name is Reverend Rich and I have been officiating weddings now for 30 years. My own daughter got married at Kennolyn and it is a memory I shall always treasure.

I have married countless couples and have been witness to weddings with a budget of $500 dollars, and a few that spent millions of dollars.

One thing about both of them was my determination to give my clients my best effort regardless of their budget.

Having been honored by so many couples by being chosen to be their officiant is a responsibility I take very seriously.  Each couple that I marry has a unique love story so I endeavor to ensure the vows I write for them reflect their uniqueness.

I have never done the same wedding vows twice. I pride myself in crafting a service that addresses all of the points the couple wishes to share with their family and friends. I have lost track of the number of people who have walked up to me after the wedding to tell me they have never been at a wedding that touched their hearts the way I just had.

Weddings, Officiants

My advice to couples has not changed in 30 years. Make your wedding first and foremost a celebration for those in your life you have invited to your wedding. Remember that at the end of the day the most important thing is you married the right person…not that your choice for your tableware was perfect…or that you chose the perfect caterer etc….

If it rains on your wedding day or a stray dog knocks over your wedding cake 30 minutes before your ceremony (I mention this because this DID happen with a neighbor’s dog getting to the cake) it is NOT the end of the world. It is simply a more interesting story to tell to your children and grandchildren.

Cherish each moment of your wedding day just as you should cherish each day after the wedding where you get to share your life with your soul mate and best friend.

Never forget that it took you your entire life to find that special someone and you must continually nurture and treasure the love that you found.

You must always honor the sacred vows you took and must remind yourself daily to be worthy of the true love being offered to you in exchange.

And finally it is rarely a good idea to have a friend or a family member officiate your wedding. Good intentions aside it takes a particular type of personality to stand before a group of people and deliver a service that is well written, from the heart, and encompasses a traditional ebb and flow without be boring or mundane.

Invite beloved friends and family to share the day with you because you love them and appreciate the contributions they made in your life not to work as a vendor on your special day. Hire a professional speaker and the results will leave a lasting impression.

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