“When you think of a wedding, it’s really the birth of somebody’s marriage and that journey they start on together.” That’s the idea that drives Janine Spediacci’s passion for wedding planning: helping couples identify what’s really important to them—not just for the wedding day, but for their lives and their futures. Recently, she helped plan a wedding for a couple of dog parents. Together, they found ways for their “fur child” to be a part of the wedding planning journey—as well as the wedding itself—because he’s such an important part of the couple’s life and love. He even had his big moment to walk down the aisle (and his bowtie cost more than the groom’s).


Narrowing in on Wedding Truths

Janine has been involved in the events industry for about 10 years. Before coming to Kennolyn, she was involved in hospitality and event planning for hotel venues across the Bay Area. Working in hotels was quite a contrast with the natural beauty she has to work with here, but those blank canvases gave her plenty of experience creating unique weddings from scratch.

When she sits down with a couple, oftentimes they already have a vision of what they want. But, together, the task is to filter out what they don’t need, especially as they get more in touch with the things that are most important. “Sometimes they try to do too much,” she explains. “It really gets overcomplicated…You can see them sort of spinning when there’s so much going on, and that really detracts from them enjoying their day and what the whole experience is about.” Now that social media has made weddings much less private, the flood of ideas is endless. In Janine’s experience of the wedding planning process, “It’s more about taking away rather than adding to it—to create something a little more simple and true to who they are as a couple.”

Your Venue Sets the Stage for Every Wedding Detail

For couples who are just getting started planning their weddings, Janine advises that you find your venue first.

I tell them to take their time and see as many as they can, so they really get a great idea of what it is that they’re looking for…You’ll know your venue when you get there and when you leave. And, a lot of times, seeing a lot of the wrong venues really helps you to get to the right one.

You may have been determined to have an outdoor wedding, but the more venues you see, the more you may come to realize that it’s indoor possibilities you actually want to explore. Especially in the Bay Area, where there are so many venue possibilities, it can be really overwhelming for couples to narrow down their options. Janine has seen that list of venues deter couples in the past, and even lead to longer engagements as they end up putting off the wedding planning. So, rather than scouring Pinterest until you have far more ideas than you could ever fit into a single wedding (and that may not fit with your venue anyway), start by scheduling visits. It’ll help you better understand what it is you really want from your wedding day, what places and details resonate with you in person—far beyond the social media details that represent other couples’ personal styles and passions.

Wedding Planning Is a Journey of Trust and Celebration

As the Sales & Events Coordinator here at Kennolyn, Janine works with couples from beginning to end to bring to life every event in a way that’s unique to what they value. Guests aren’t going to remember small details, she explains, like the color of the linens and napkins or exactly how the seating cards were displayed—though these are the kinds of details couples tend to agonize over. Guests are going to remember whether they were comfortable, nourished by food and drink, and surrounded by people having a good time. She helps couples imagine the experience they want the wedding to be, as it reflects the experience they want their marriage to be. If you value connection, how can we incorporate ways for guests to connect with you and with each other? If you value health and abundance, how can we plan the menus in ways that will satisfy your guests’ senses and their vitality?

Getting in touch with these primary and personal interests can be a sweet but vulnerable experience because couples are accessing the feelings and motivations that are beneath the surface of the usual wedding-day details. “As the days and the weeks and the months go by that are leading up to it, it’s about building trust, so when that day comes around, they’re as comfortable as they can be.” She says that good communication is important for building that trust and easing their burden, but also so that she can feel really in touch with what they want or need on the big day, “so I can make sure everything is just as it should be.” Truly, she is dedicated to creating the best day of their lives. “All year long,” she says, emphasizing each word. “It’s like being at the North Pole—it kind of feels like you’re always in that mindset!”

It isn’t hard for Janine to stay in touch with what’s most important behind these weddings. There is one couple that stands out in her mind as a perfect representation of all of the unspoken sweetness moving this journey forward: “You could tell that they loved each other so much…I just cried during their vows—they were so sincere, and you could see it in the way they looked at each other and the things that they said about one another.” So much of the planning process involves physical details and practical concerns, but it all comes back to this connection. That’s what we’re celebrating. All the details, big and small, only matter because of this connection, and Janine helps couples draw from that “simple and true” place.

If you think Kennolyn might be right for your wedding, or if you’d like to just explore the possibility, give Janine a call. Together, you can imagine a wedding that truly mirrors your present and future life together.

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