Are you the type to dive headfirst into your party planning (gathering up every Pinterest suggestion in your path), or are you the type to resist the whole idea? Whichever type you may be, your event has a special quality at the start of your planning journey: its potential is unlimited. In fact, the possibilities for your party are so vast that you couldn’t even conceive of them all if you tried.

Unless you can tap into the imagination and innovation behind your event’s unlimited potential, your vision may bump up against limits. How would you know about simple lighting tricks that could transport you and your guests to a different dimension of experience—or that your party entertainment could be way more than just music and dancing—if you’ve never experienced those revelations before?

People who’ve been in the business of planning and putting on events for years—for decades, in some cases—are much more able to tap into those mind-blowing party possibilities. They’re exercising that kind of creativity every day. We’re talking about our Bay Area party entertainment partners, the best DJs and event aficionados at Sound in Motion. They don’t just apply their unrivaled creativity for the San Francisco 49ers’ and San Jose Sharks’ games and events; they pour that same zeal into all of our clients’ events at Kennolyn.

Don’t worry: we’re not going to try to ask you to imagine what you can’t imagine. Instead, we’re going to offer you a glimpse of a real wedding adventure. Sound in Motion led the entertainment experience at this Kennolyn wedding and also took charge of the videography, resulting in this spectacular live action compilation of the whole wedding day.


Quy & Jennifer – Kennolyn Conference Center from Sound In Motion Entertainment on Vimeo.


Our Recommendation for Entertainment at Your Bay Area Party

The best DJs in the Bay Area put out some amazing sound, but they’re also really great listeners.The whole process starts when you share with them your vision for an upcoming wedding, family party, company celebration, or any other event, and they listen. They’re in a good position, then, to help you understand what your event could be—how to take your vision and turn it into a reality that exceeds your expectations. And not just in terms of the music and the fun—they’re also committed to making your experience stress free and perfect from start to finish.

We partner with Sound in Motion because we approach events with a very similar commitment to excellence. A DJ and co-founder of SIM, Adrian Cavlan says, “We’re not having people come in at a lower price and then à la carte-ing them up the ladder. It’s always included.” That means everything it takes to pull off a rocking party and to keep all the variables in check:

  • A state-of-the-art built-in sound system, so they’re not lugging all the critical equipment to and from each event
  • A two-person team, so there’s always a back-up DJ and entertainment partner
  • Innovative dance lighting
  • A second satellite sound system for the ceremony or cocktail hour
  • Award-winning DJs and a team built on a nationally recognized training program
  • A backup ceremony officiant—because all of their DJs are certified wedding officiants too
  • The best complete online tools that help you work on planning your ideal event from home
  • And regular communication with an office and full-time staff who are invested in customizing your event from the start

Adrian explains, “You’re always going to be able to meet your actual DJ/MC before making the commitment to book with us, which is very different from a lot of other companies, where you meet with a sales manager. . . but you have no idea who’s going to be doing the work on the actual day.” As event planners, we have no interest in cutting corners, and that’s why we work so well together with SIM. We’re an all-inclusive team.

Next-Level Event Companies in the Bay Area

There is one wedding that stands out in Adrian’s memory. Sound in Motion coordinated the entertainment for the bride’s bat mitzvah in the Bay Area 10 or 12 years before her wedding. In fact, the SIM family has known the bride’s dad from the video business, so they actually knew her from the time she was born. This suburban San Jose family chose Kennolyn for the site of the wedding, and Adrian remembers how relaxing and healing the serene, natural setting was for them—especially after a recent traumatic accident left the bride’s mother in a wheelchair. He knew this family so well for so long, and he was touched by seeing their happiness and how important it was for them to be in what he calls “the glow of nature.”

What it feels like to be at Kennolyn.

The whole SIM team comes to Kennolyn quarterly for company meetings, which end up being like mini retreats. “Even though we have space at our offices,” says Adrian, “we don’t do it there. We purposely go off site because it totally changes our feelings and how we’re approaching things…It’s as if the weight of the world is lifted off you a little bit and you’re at the top of this mountain. That’s the feeling you get.” Here, they can get clarity for themselves and also clear the way for their growth potential as a company.

Real Connection: The Ultimate Source of Party Entertainment

Together, we’re putting a lot more than sound into motion. We’re finding fresh new ways to bring events to life for each new client we partner with. The Kennolyn-SIM connection is one that spurs our own growth forward and continues to help us coordinate the best events in the Bay Area. Simply put: we dedicate ourselves to your perfect event vision because it’s what we love to do. Our own commitment and enjoyment of the process will translate into deeper possibilities for connection and engagement among you and your guests.

It doesn’t matter if your event is one for the family, the corporate world, a non-profit event, a coming-of-age celebration, a one-of-a-kind wedding, or anything else in between—Kennolyn and Sound in Motion are the team that can take your event to the top. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Bay Area venues and all-inclusive event packages.

Bay Area event companies can create a whole new scene from scratch.

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