My grandparents were happily married for 60 years. I remember being there, along with all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles to celebrate the big milestones with them. Their 40th, 50th, and 60th wedding anniversaries stand out in my mind not only as celebrations of their love and commitment but of the big, boisterous family they had made. What I learned from my grandparents is that marriage is a gift—one that should be celebrated and cherished not just on your wedding day, but every day thereafter.

Of course, married life can be a busy balancing act of work, raising a family, and finding alone time for you and partner. Due to our hectic lives, few of us take advantage of the opportunity to stop and reflect on the magnificent life we’ve built together with our spouse. Thankfully, wedding anniversaries offer the perfect occasion for us to celebrate our longtime commitment to our life partners. Whether you are celebrating ten or fifty years together, it’s important to take the time to honor your marriage and all the beautiful people you share lives with.

Planning a wedding anniversary celebration can feel like planning a wedding all over again. Having all of your friends and family together in the same place to celebrate the love that brought you and your spouse together all those years ago is an exciting, although somewhat dizzying prospect. You’ve got to choose a menu, an outfit, decorations, a guest list, and perhaps most importantly, a venue. Choosing the right wedding anniversary venue in the Bay Area, however, can make the planning a breeze and the celebration as dreamy as your wedding day.

A Family Friendly Wedding Anniversary Venue in the Bay Area

One of the most wonderful things about wedding anniversary celebrations is that they bring together all of the most important people in our lives—from our youngest grandchildren to our oldest and dearest friends. Many generations are represented and it is therefore important that you look for a venue that people of all ages can enjoy.

Choosing a venue that has ample outdoor space and plenty of family-friendly activities for your guests to enjoy is a great idea for making the festivities fun for everyone. Imagine watching the kids frolic in the grass against a backdrop of majestic redwoods, or having a “kids versus adults” volleyball tournament before dinner. As the sun sets, your guests could sit around a bonfire sharing fond memories of you as a couple while the grandkids roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

You could even make it an overnight celebration at a venue that includes accommodation. That way you can savor the time you have with your loved ones and celebrate your marriage all weekend long. Waking up the morning after the celebration and indulging in a delicious brunch buffet with your guests lets you reminisce about the previous night’s celebration and bask in the spirit of love just a little while longer.

An All-Inclusive Space for Stress-Free Planning

When gathering so many family and friends in one place, there’s a lot to think about. This is why looking for an all-inclusive venue for your wedding anniversary celebration is a good idea. All-inclusive venues have planners that will take care of all the details for you—from the food to the music to the setup and tear-down when the festivities are over. This way, you truly get to enjoy the company of your guests without worrying about when the food is coming or if the music is loud enough.

When it comes to the food, if you are planning on having a lot of guests buffets are typically a better choice than plated meals—especially if there are kids in attendance. Buffets offer plenty of selection and everyone is bound to find something they like. Dessert buffets are also a hit. Don’t be afraid to serve up something creative and fun that will wow children and adults alike—like a gorgeous drip cake or custom-made doughnuts.

For something extra special, consider having the caterers recreate some of the same dishes you and your spouse shared on your wedding day. Taste is closely tied to memory, so enjoying a meal with similar flavors will transport you back to your big day, bringing back a flood of wonderful memories that you and your spouse can reminisce over. And, if you two love to dance, have the DJ play the song you had your first dance to at your wedding. Bringing back old flavors, tunes, and memories for this special occasion will make you realize just how much your love has grown and evolved since the day you first exchanged vows.

Taking the time to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary with those who are near and dear to you will not only allow you to revisit some of the most special memories you have with your spouse, but it honors the evolution of your marriage. Here’s to all the happy years behind you, and all the wonderful years to come.

If you are searching for the perfect wedding anniversary venue in the Bay Area, reach out to us at Kennolyn. We’d love to help you plan a beautiful celebration for you and your loved ones on our 300-acre property in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Image Source: Flickr user Paul Shultz

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