#1 : Father of the Bride (The original & the remake – Spencer Tracy & Steve Martin make it too hard to decide!)

This heartfelt comedy hits all the feels when father George Banks has to come to the realization that his little girl is not only growing up, but getting married.

#2: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Movie

Annie Walker is a 30-something single woman whose life is a mess. After her bakery closes, every other aspect of her life slowly starts to fall apart too. Things take an even worse turn when Lillian, Annie’s lifelong best friend, gets engaged and Annie is asked to take on the Maid of Honor duties, falling short in every way.

#3: Love, Actually

Follow the lives of 10 different people and watch their love stories unfold, some intertwined and connected in surprising ways.

#4: Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers Movie

Jeremy and John are successful divorce mediators who spend their weekends crashing weddings. What better way to meet women? Their fun comes to a halt when John falls in love with the Maid of Honor at the daughter of the Secretary of Treasury’s wedding.

#5: My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding

Growing up, best friends, Julianne and Michael, promised to marry each other if they were still single at 28. It’s almost Michael’s 28th birthday and he gets engaged to another woman just in time, leaving Julianne with the stunning realization that she is in love with him after all.

#6: The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

This comedic fairy tale tells the love story of Buttercup and Westley, a beautiful young woman and her farmhand. After confessing his love for her, Westley is attacked by pirates at sea and presumed to be dead. Years later, Buttercup is set to marry Prince Humperdinck, but before she can, she is kidnapped, and the adventure begins.

#7: Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama girl, Melanie, is living out her dreams as a fashion designer in NYC when she gets engaged to the Mayor’s son, Andrew. Hoping to keep her past a secret, Melanie goes home to finalize her divorce with her first husband and childhood sweetheart, Jake. Melanie is surprised when she sees not all that much has changed since she left Alabama. Or at least that’s what she thought.

#8: The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

Singing at weddings can be difficult when your heart is broken. Robbie’s fiancé left him on their wedding day. New friend, Julia, tries to cheer Robbie up by asking him to help her plan her impending wedding. Things get complicated when their feelings deepen.

#9: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula’s traditional Greek family is very worried when, at 30, she is still unmarried. To her family’s dismay, Toula falls in love with Ian, a non-Greek, attractive teacher. Oh, and he’s a vegetarian, something the Portokalos family also can’t understand.

#10: Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias

When Shelby and her mother arrive to get their hair done at Truvy Jones’ home-based salon for Shelby’s wedding later that day, Shelby becomes hypoglycemic. Luckily, with the help of her mother she recovers and can continue getting ready for her big day. The ladies get to talking and Shelby invites Anelle, recent beauty school grad and newcomer to the area, to her wedding after learning about why she left her old town. At the wedding, Anelle meets bartender Sammy and they fall in love. Months later, Shelby is pregnant, but friends and family are worried about the possible complications that could arise due to her health.

#11: It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night

When millionaire Alexander Andrews demands that his daughter, Ellie, annul her recent elopement, she runs away to NYC. On the bus, she meets reporter Peter Warne. At first Peter just wants to write about Ellie’s forbidden love story, but soon he finds himself tangled in it himself.

#12: The Hangover

The Hangover

Doug and three friends are heading to Vegas for his bachelor party two days before his wedding. After a crazy night of festivities, his three friends wake up the next day hungover, without much memory of the prior night, and without Doug.

#13: A Walk to Remember

A Walk To Remember

Landon Carter is a notorious High School bad boy, but things change when a classmate gets badly injured after his friend’s playful antics become harmful. Trying to avoid expulsion, Landon joins the school play, tutoring center, and helps the janitor in his free time. Landon soon becomes reacquainted with Jamie Sullivan, the minister’s daughter, who enjoys spending her time volunteering. Landon is surprised when he starts to fall in love with her, but Jamie is keeping a secret that will change everything.

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